Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working on Sunday!

I have to drag myself in to the lab shortly to put in a solid 8 hours on the myograph, (an awesome set up for working with real, pressurized, blood vessels) and make edits on a paper.

It's Sunday!

Gotta love putting in extra hours, but since as of monday I work in a different lab then the one I have been working on my thesis project in, and since me thesis project is not quite done yet, I gotta finish it on my own time.
 Sexy boots from Spring!

Yesterday however, I spent at a loverly new mall Cross Iron Mills, and shopped myself out... we litterally skipped a whole quarter of the mall just from exhaustion and lack of funds. I picked up two cute pairs of boots, a jacket, a couple sweaters, and 3 cute dresses to wear when I'm in Vegas next month.

Did I mention I'm going to Vegas for Canadian Thanksgiving?

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