Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knit 1 Purl 2

So I've finally gotten around to casting on a new sweater (tell that to the unfinished one in my knitting drawer and I'm sure it'll be thrilled).
The pattern is from the fall 2010 Knit Simple (which has to be my fave knitting magazine  because a: the patterns are wearable and b:they are nice and easy and don't take months and months....and months).

I've made one major change tho (apart from buying size 4 yarn when pattern calls for 5 opps hope that turns out). I hate piece knitting, so I threw it on to round needles.

Here's what it should eventually look like:

~Update! Since I tried and failed to get this post up last night, I've made some progress today, my sweater is officially 7 stripes long now.

Well I'm off to forgo the arts for a while and hit up some science, I have a figure to get together tonight to go into what will hopefully be my first published paper this fall, cheers!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dhanurasana - Or why my upper abdominals hurt

I woke up this morning, hung over, at 7AM.

Last night was my supervisor and his wife's joint 75th (they turned 40 and 35 this year) birthday party. It was appropriately 70s themed, and my own problem with hording costume-y clothing was legitimized when I was able to dress not only myself, but two co-workers as well.

The party, which was essentially a small wedding, was a success right until I went to sleep (passed out?) at 3AM. This morning however my body hurt!

It took me quite some time to realize that the intense pain originating just out side my lower rib cage every time I moved was not a result of the heavy drinking I had done, but more likely a result of my return to yoga this week after a week and a half vacation.

Dhanurasana-Mine barely looks this good.
 Let alone anything like this

There's nothing quite as good, or as painful as an intense hour and a half of yoga, after a week and a bit off first thing in the morning on a Saturday. And although I was grateful for the mental calming and relaxation (Anyone who has never experienced the release of Savasana after an session of pushing you body to it's physical limits, well I highly recommend it) I certainly paid for it today in the angry cries of unused muscles pushed far past the point.

Only thing to do for it. Yoga again tomorrow after work.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just got back

Really this is a most appropriate title for this post since I am back.

Fist back to Calgary after a week in Ontario visiting family and friends.

And back to a blog....since I ran off into hiatus land.

Since the old blog "Sara goes to Calgary" is hardly applicable any more (I've been here for 8 months now), I thought it was time for a reinvention of what I do here.

And so shall begin my life in a lab coat, since I think I have found a game plan in a life in science.

The experiences I have had over the last eight months have convinced me around the idea that I do want to pursue research as a career plan... which for now means finishing my undergrad, will eventually mean getting a PhD, and who knows what after that.

So if I am really serious about this and I think I am... I better be off for the evening, I have a lab presentation tomorrow, which of course means I have a date with PowerPoint this evening.

Good Night for now,