Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today I...

Today I...

Had my first lesson of the Fundamentals of Optical Microscopy course I'm taking.
Total Internal Reflection-the principle behind fiber optics and endoscopes -from

Wrote the intro to the paper I'm working on... first draft only mind you.

Let my boss know I need two extra days off for my Vegas for Thanksgiving trip.

Did a crappy oxytocin dose response... going to have to redo it my way I think?

Put my cells on low serum media so I can run a fun prostaglandin experiment tomorrow.
Protaglandin E2 - From

What did you do today?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free beers!?

So they say that where ever there is free food, or a free drink, grad students will be there.

And although today's guest lecture was excelent and very interesting (especially for someone who does love imunology despite being in a smooth muscle lab) at the end of the champange reception, there was just a crowd of drinking students staying until they closed the bar out.

And since I can't find an appropriate PhD comic to support this, here's a good one anyways

Things to do while waiting for an experiment to run.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Picked a PhD

So I've decided who really needs a master's degree? I mean I've worked in a lab for the past 8 months, and had several excellent lab positions/experiences before that. And I've just let Long Hair (my boss/supervisor... who does in fact have long hair for a man) and one of his colleagues talk me into just applying right into the PhD program next year.

Well there's a 4 year commitment decided upon in a hour.... well not really an hour, this is something I've been talk with myself about for the last 4 months. So hurray! it's all decided and stuff.

In other news, I moved up to my new lab today... going to take a break (kinda) from mesenterics and spend some time learning about myometrium. Here's a look around.

Well not really a look around, labs are all confidential and stuff... so instead it's just a generic back drop style shot. As for that totally awesome shirt I'm wearing, it's vintage liz claiborne, picked it up for 5 bucks on ebay. The belt is from pac sun.... its was cheep... that's all I know about it. Oh I found it here.

Anyways, this is the face of someone committed to being a student till she's 27 (minimum).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working on Sunday!

I have to drag myself in to the lab shortly to put in a solid 8 hours on the myograph, (an awesome set up for working with real, pressurized, blood vessels) and make edits on a paper.

It's Sunday!

Gotta love putting in extra hours, but since as of monday I work in a different lab then the one I have been working on my thesis project in, and since me thesis project is not quite done yet, I gotta finish it on my own time.
 Sexy boots from Spring!

Yesterday however, I spent at a loverly new mall Cross Iron Mills, and shopped myself out... we litterally skipped a whole quarter of the mall just from exhaustion and lack of funds. I picked up two cute pairs of boots, a jacket, a couple sweaters, and 3 cute dresses to wear when I'm in Vegas next month.

Did I mention I'm going to Vegas for Canadian Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept. TO DO

So in the past I've found it helpful to make a list of goals for a month at a time. Since its Sept first let's give it a go.
  • Do up figure for first paper (if you get lucky it'll be accepted by the end of the month?)
  • Write first draft for other paper (should be something I can get finished this long weekend)
  • Finish sweater
  • Join some sort of sports team for the fall, and meet new people
  • Sign up for adults ballet class (this one's still only a maybe)
  • Go to minimum 10 yoga classes this month (tally so far-zip!)
  • post-post-post!
  • buy yourself a lulu hoodie... you deserve one!
  • Poster for III research day at work
  • Hair cut (lets try not to go 6 months between cuts this time)
  • Clean up shit!
  • Kick ass in new lab
Pretty solid... hopefully do-able list... in other news, new roomie moved in today, I know this because of the evidence (neatly labeled Tupperware in freezer) not because I have actually seen him yet.... weird..... Pretty soon I gotta grow up and stop living in these student houses.... but then I'd have to get rid of the ping pong table :( you win some you lose some.