Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Currently my jewelry is stored in a mishmash of systems.

 Some of my older stuff lies untouched in an old, girly, jewelry box, carefully guarded by my growing snow-globe collection and some painted wooden animals.
 Most of the stuff I currently wear resides in a set of paper bowls (the making of which is detailed here), this system however results in clutter, tangles and general chaos!
And the pretty stuff, the not so everyday bits and pieces hang out for the most part in their original boxes, hidden from sight, these pieces saw some sunlight yesterday when I wore them to my convocation (more about that later I hope).

Right now I'm searching around for interesting ways to organize this mess (especially after a recent trip to forever 21 which resulted in the purchasing of several new sparkly things).

I might like to buy something conventional like these, I especially like the idea of the 3 tiered desert stands.
image from Modern Jane
The idea of using an egg tray for rings and earrings I also love, especially the classy china one above (or I'm sure you could make an eco-friendly up-cycled one from an egg carton).
image from Inspire Bohemia
This picture frame featuring a beautiful piece of knitted lace appeals to me a lot more than the standard metal screen for hanging earrings, I used to have one that was a cheap canvas that I stenciled a lace pattern on, and you could push the earrings right through the canvas, but I lost it last time I moved.
Finally the idea of using painted branches to hang necklases, love it! Might have to head outside now and look for some good ones to use for a quick DIY.

How do you store your jewelry?

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