Saturday, December 3, 2011

antlers....and why they're cool

So for Christmas I've asked my uncle for a set of antlers. Because bassically they are very cool. Here's why:
They make excellent places to hang your necklaces.

They make an awesome place to hang Christmas decorations.
Painted white they look uber cool just mounted the old fashioned way.

Better yet, paint them awesome colours.

You can wear them on your head and feel closer to your Cervidae brethren.

Okay, so maybe wearing them like that would make you look a little odd, why not give these a try then?

And before you point out "How could you, a poor deer had to die, like the way the evil hunter shot bambi's mom, so you could have something trendy!" Well guess what! Deer drop their antlers every year, and just leave them lying around in the forest where anyone can get some. Also, some of the loverly things above aren't real anyways. But also venison is very tasty.....

Cheers all!

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