Monday, January 2, 2012

A look back at 2011

Happy New Year people of the interweb!

It's my last full day at home in the Soo, tomorrow I have two flights and 6 hours of layover to look forward to and then I'm back in Albertaland. But for today I thought I'd give you a recap of my year in 2011.

This was a sad blog year for me, on average I did 2 posts a month, and I'd say about half of them were just me admonishing myself for poor blog upkeep.

It was an interesting year for boys, by which, I dove too quick into a relationship, and payed for it in heartache later. You live and learn I guess.

I graduated from McMaster University, with an Honours Degree in Science in Biology and Pharmacology, Co-op. (I'm on the bottom, 3rd from the right)

I had my name on 3 peer-reviewed publications this year. Wrote and defended my honours thesis (which I am very proud of) and presented that data at a national conference in Vancouver.

I lived four months each in 3 different cities, and moved all of my worldly possessions most of the way across Canada.

I started my PhD studies at the University of Calgary, applied for a tonne of funding, received Provincial funding for Christmas, completed 2 of my 3 required classes, learned a bunch of new techniques, and banged my head against the wall trying to optimize some old ones.

I travelled to Europe for the second time, and saw some amazing and some tragic places.

I cut my hair the shortest it's ever been, and then later grew it back out and got bangs.

I turned 23 and entered my middle 20s.

I explored more of Alberta, and walked on a glacier.

And although I blogged less, I tweeted more (@Turner_SR) and Pinned more (turner_sr).

I bought 2 new computers (an HP desktop and a Toshiba laptop) and my first tablet (Blackberry Playbook) all for less than 1000 bucks total (now that's a budget!).

I did more cooking and baking than ever before, and more knitting and crafting too!

Overall, 2011 was everything I could have asked it to be, with good times and bad, high times and low, and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me. Tomorrow while I'm flying I'm going to finalize my list of goals for 2012, What do you have planned?

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