Friday, January 27, 2012

Fascinated on Fridays: Sexy Yoga Ads

So, if you don't already, and you're into yoga at all, you should be following Yoga Dork.

Really, go there now.

Well read what I have to say first.

Lately there's been alot of 'talk' (putting it mildly) in the world of Yogi's (which clearly I'd like to be one, but am not) about using sex/nudity/whatever to sell Yoga products/anything.

As if Yoga is somehow different/more enlightened/whatever than any other product out there.

Don't think Yoga is a product..... look again.

But that's cool anyways, cause I am soooo buying it (lulu I love you....hopelessly)

This week tho, I'm fascinated by these two videos brought to my attention by Yoga Dork.

So, first, clearly I want to be her. I mean she totally rocks a sick handstand. Second, based on this commercial alone, if I was in a store, and Equinox Undies were to be had, I'd probably buy them, on the basis of this ad. and Third, is it just me or does it kinda look like she has a gentleman caller snoozing in that bed? Well the Yogi in the video is Briohny Smyth, check out some of her instructional videos, like this one where she shows you how to rock those handstands.

Video numero 2, Now he really rocks this shiat! So good, and worth a chuckle... then another one. Anyways, the Yogi in question this time around is Michael A. Stusser, and he does a mean parody, and an even better arm balance.

Anyways hope you enjoyed this just as much as I did... and now I need to make myself actually go to a Yoga class this much easier to do in summer.

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