Friday, January 6, 2012

Fascinated with Fridays: Ryan Gosling Tumblrs

So I had stumbled upon one of these before, probably from a link from one of my friends (she knows who she is) and lol-ed, hard. And today, via Miss Indie's Friday's Favourite Things, OMG there's a crafty one. Then I spent the happiest hour of my day clicking around for more. So here he is ladies, Ryan, in all his glory.

F*ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling


There's a bunch more, very specific ones (poli sci ryan, film studies ryan, biostats ryan) find a list here.

And on an MTV interview you can watch Ryan read some of his "Hey Girl" lines.

And did I just do a post full of Ryan Gosling.... when Really I like Ryan Reynolds better? Yes...Yes I did.

So that's what's fascinating me this Friday. Cheers

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