Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get Sexier on Saturdays

Ok, so tis the new year, and as such, I'm sure I'm not the only one resolving to get a little (a lot) more in shape.

Lose a few pounds.

Run a half marathon this year.

Straight up get sexier.

Like Victoria Secret Sexier.

Not to sure how to go about growing the 12 foot wing span tho. But you get the point. Look like you could just throw on leopard panties, a scarf round your tits and some 15 000 peacock feathers at a moments notice. And rock it.

So how does this relate to my trip to Cosco tonight you might ask?

Well they had Zumba Fitness 2, for the Wii there, and I picked it up, brought it home, and proceeded to sweat my hypothetical balls off for the next 26minutes.

 So all you have to do is strap your wii remote to you waist (belt included) push your coffee table out of the way. Open you patio door all the way (if you don't want the Birkram Yoga studio feel). And dance your butt into shape.

There's the option to do Short (20min) Med (?) and Long (?) classes (you can see which one I did) or select and individual song (which I did first).

Review, after one go, holy hot! it does certainly get you moving ladies and gents. Con, you can't pause in between songs to do things like run to the fridge to refill your glass, or open your patio door. Another con, my sofa snuck up on my twice, and almost took me out both times. (I thought zumba was a non contact sport?) Is it as good as say The Xbox Kinect Dance Central 2 (which I tried over the holidays)? Not really, it's not so accurate at picking up your moves, just hopes the wii remote is bouncing in at the same beat as the on screen character is bouncing, and didn't pick up some moves all together. Also the belt rides up your waist.

But I'm glad I bought it, it still resulted in me getting my sweat on, and my shirt off, so alls good!

Game plan, do a class every day this week. I'll let you know how that went for me next "get  sexier on Saturdays".


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