Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mmmmm muffins

I love to use my Pinterest Foods and Drinks board to keep track of tasty looking things on the internet and later come back and try to make them myself. Last week I rocked Inside-Out Carrot Cake Muffins, recipe from King Arthur Flour.

Now you can see from their pictures the batter is supposed to look more like cake mix, something you can pour.

My batter however, was definitely of the the sticky muffin type.

Now this may well be because I subbed whole wheat flour for regular stuff. Or I've heard rumors that Calgary is so dry you need to up the moisture in recipes, but previously I've had no problem with this. The above pic shows how thick the batter was, after I added an extra 1/3cup water.

Anyways, problem easily dealt with, I used a spoon to press the batter into little cups, and spread more on top of the filling after.

As for the muffins, they came out a bit dense, but delicious, and the good people of the Gastrointestinal Research Group at the University of Calgary, did an awesome job at devouring them the next day.

Anywho, it's still freezing here, like in a -40 kinda way. So proud of the pretty blue car for being a trooper and starting for me, despite not being plugged in like it should be in this weather. As for my apartment, which is normally hot as balls (I think I've mentioned it here before) it's chilly today, but no worries, hot water is free, so I shower sauna'd the place.

In the mean time, my knock off spirit hood keeps me warm enough. G'night!

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