Sunday, January 8, 2012

Requiring an Opinion : The Jack Pine, Tom Thomson

This is the Original, The Jack Pine, by Canadian Artist Tom Thomson, completed in 1917, the year he died. Style look familiar, Tom was the influence behind a group of Canadian artists painting Ontario Landscapes post World War I. In the summer of 2003, I went to visit my uncle John in Toronto, and the Art Gallery of Ontario had a Tom Thomson exhibit, which inspired some of my love of art.

So that's the history and the original work. The current story is I happened to be in a Michaels when they were having like 70% off on canvases, and I took two home and hung them on my walls. The smaller one is still blank, the larger one currently looks like this:

So you can see there is some likeness, and their both done in oils, but clearly I've drastically changed the style.

My question now is, do I include the Jack Pine? This was my original intent, but it's been hanging as is since October now, and I do kinda like it, imperfections and all.

To help me decide, today I covered it in plastic wrap, and very, very roughed in the pine.

Apologies for the glare, hard to use the flash on plastic wrap, and I really need to get a camera stand since I'm way too shakey for low light/no flash.

But Now I need your opinion to help me out, continue and risk ending up with something I don't love with the chance at achieving greatness. Or leave it sans tree?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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