Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sexier on Saturdays : Dailymile! I haven't Zumba'd as much as I promised. In my defense it was really....really cold this week, so when I got home at night I took food to my bed, and a cocoon of blankets, and called it a day.

On the other hand, I spend 10km moving my ass this week! My friend Sarah and I have committed to the half marathon goal together.

We are holding each other accountable.

And so we went forth and ran, on 3 separate occasions this week.

I'm tracking it all on Daily Mile.

This is a pretty accurate summary of my 2011 physical fittness. Sure I did some hiking, played some ultimate Frisbee, and ran on like 3 separate occasions. But over all it's fair to say a whole lot of zeros.

So anyways, if you're on dailymile, come say hello. If you're not, but are interested in taking up something like running, check it out, and if you're like "the title of this post made me hope to see a hot chick in a bathing suit" well then maybe you're at the wrong place, but if you stick around long enough that hot chick will be me!

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