Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today I...A much better day

Today I...

  • Woke up at 7AM and felt ready to get out of bed (as opposed to dragging myself around my apartment with my eyes closed)
  • Pressurized a vessel...with tone...and got some real, usable data points!
  • Ate some very tasty chocolate cookies
  • Debated over a weekend meeting/fund raising event... came to a conclusion...maybe
  • Made some hepes buffers 
  • Attended my first ever class as a TA.
Before the student's left they were asked to answer some questions about themselves on a card and hand it in. I looked some quickly, and saw reasonable responses, some that made me chuckle (answers intended for humour), some that reminded me of me, and one specific one that was truly inspiring.

So I eagerly look forward to getting to know these students better, and dread the first pile of marking I'll be taking home.

Tonight I will.....

  • Buy apples to make this apple sharlotka
  • Buy some carrots and cream cheese to make these inside-out muffins
  • Type up an abstract from all my jotted down notes
  • Have a drink damn it!
  • And see a friend play a show with his band
Ah Grad school

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