Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Other News: Just booked a trip to Hawaii

On Monday, I took advantage of a sweet WestJet seat sale, and spontaneously booked a trip to Hawaii this summer.

So that's pretty awesome.

Things I will do when I am there:

Beaches, every single day

Try Surfing (but don't tell anyone I can't really swim, that doesn't seem necessary)

Try Snorkeling (once again, lack of swimming ability shouldn't hold me back)

Giant turtles, I'd like to see at least one of these guys

Waterfalls.... hiking too them.... being in them

Wear a different Bikini every day, for 10 days

Lots of other cool stuff I don't know yet, cause I'm not going till July :(

Things I will not do when I am there:


Get eaten by a shark


The maze at the Dole Plantation, if Jenna Marbles has taught me anything, this is a bad choice

What do I need to do between now and then?

 Get my Ass in Shape..... this will be the summer of the 6 pack ladies and whether I am referring to the shape my abdominals will be in, or 6 bottles of beer..... that is yet to be determined.


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