Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Calgary Eating: Tilted Grill

Last night the boy took me out on a hot date to the Tilted Grill, on 4thSW. He owed me since I managed to pick 1 winner out of 4 UFC matches a couple weeks ago (trailer park guy FTW!). And it was a hot date despite April showers continuing into May now.

But anyways, what did I think of Tilted Grill?

1. I had a peach bellini, very tasty.

2. We got the Gogi Sliders for the appetizer...sooo good, would even consider getting these as a meal in of itself. The meat was just perfect and the sauce on it (while borderline spicy for me...I toughed it out) was delicious.... if the Gogi Burrito tastes anything like these, than it would probably be a great entree choice.

3. For my entree I got the Carne Asada Tacos, with the loaded baked potato on the side.... as far as the tacos, I wasn't crazy about them... they were too full of meat to eat manageably... and could have used some sauce...I would recommend whatever was on the Sliders. I inhaled the potato tho...very lady like of me!

4.The boy go the 12ounce  New York, the seasonal veggies (which I shamelessly stole from his plate) we super tasty (thank god for butter!) and he enjoyed the steak...with a side of sweat potato fries that were what you would expect from sweat potato fries.

5.The atmosphere was pretty cool, fusion-y like the menu, they boy happily remarked twice "and they're playing the hockey game at the bar" and they have a huge patio outside that would likely be a lot of fun in the summer.

Overall, would we go back, yes, we have to....we were both too full for desert (I spent all day drooling about the Glazed Donut Satay after reading this blog post) so we made a promise we'd come back one night this summer just for drinks and the donuts!

If you're interested in checking out the Tilted Grill.... Living Social has $60 for 2 appetizers, 2 steak entrees, 2 desserts and 2 glasses of wine....which is an awesome deal if you can eat that much!

Next time I promise to do better to try and take some pictures!

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  1. Hey!

    Glad you liked it... look for our new menu coming in 2-3 weeks!

    The patio really is killer even in cool weather with 1.1 million BTU's of heat! However rain beats all, :(

    We really appreciate honest reviews of our properties, thank you.


    Brian West

    Partner Tilted Grill, Loungeburger, Vicious Circle