Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today I...tried on some bikini's

So yesterday I had a mind blowing moment when my cousin msged me to inform me Lulu was now carrying swim suits! And I's sad.... but I can admit I have a problem....a serious Lululemon addiction.

Today I rushed to go check them out, with instructions from my cousin and a friend to let them know how they fit.

So I tried on the Heatwave Beach's what I thought:

  • I loved the way the bottoms fit, would make for a great sporty bikini
  • They are all reversible, this one's solid white on the other side....there's also black/print, grey/pink options
  • I love the print
  • The true lulu style....have a tiny pocket in the back to stash a key or something
  • The website claims this model is a 34D...and is wearing the size I'm a 34B-Cish... and tried on the 6....and the triangles on the top left me feeling like I would slip a nipple at annnny second
  • I tried one-upping the size for bigger cup options...but then the band becomes too large...while you can adjust the fastening to a smaller diameter, when you do this it became bulky seeming in the back
  • The tiny pocket on the bottoms is on the white side, and so when you reverse to the print side you get a bulge where the pocket is... since it has like a plastic clip thing
  • Considering how sporty the bottoms are... I would have expected the top to be more activity friendly...probably only if you're mostly flat chested
Overall I decided it wasn't worth $102 dollars... and bought this dress instead

The it's a cinch dress *jacuard.... was it worth the 88bucks... hopefully (must develop more self restraint)

And as for bikini's I went over to H&M next... after seeing ads for $5.95 bikini tops and bought this one

The top was 12.95 and the bottoms 5.95.... so very fun for a bra-like bikini... but it's nude... so I'll definitely have to get a bit more tanned before I wear it... Hopefully my bottle of Jergens Natural glow can get me a head start.

That's all for now... 10km in 3 weeks (eeek) and Italy 2 days later.... can't wait!

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