Monday, August 20, 2012

25 before 25 recap

so you may know that this year, on my 24th birthday, I made a list of 25 things I am determined to accomplish before I turn 25.

As we're right at the 6 month point, I thought I'd give you all a recap of where I am on the list.

  1. Run a half marathon - Ok so I've done a 10km this summer, and the spartan race, but looks like the half marathon will have to be the last chance one in November...before winter sets in in full.
  2. Donate blood again - have donated a couple times to science... but as for to blood services canada, will have to wait another 3 months before it's been long enough since the tattoo.
  3. Get a new camera -Done! Got a sweet Fujifilm water proof one, a great choice for taking it with you hiking, swimming, everywhere! Took it out for the first time here.
  4. Take an art or photography class - haven't done this one yet.... need to get on it!
  5. Go camping -Done! we went the Canada day long weekend, right after I got back from Colorado, and before going to was muddy!
  6. Visit 5 new places - O'ahu and Maui, Hawaii; Sorrento and Amantea, Italy; Aspen, Collorado; Chicago, Illinios
  7. Host a breakfast, lunch and dinner  - gotta get on these... Had Kev and a friend over for dinner back in July, made an awesome chicken stir fry.
  8. Get a first author paper - Not yet, gotta get that DSS paper out asap.
  9. Go trail riding- We thought about doing this in Hawaii, maybe in the fall?
  10. Adopt a kitten - How badly do I want a pet....soooo bad, but still can't have one in my apartment.
  11. Learn to bake with yeast - Check! even if it is via a bread maker! I've been using it just to do the dough cycle and been making some awesome buns and rolls. One makes an appearance here.
  12. Knit and donate 5 sweaters - haven't even started on this one... I do most of my knitting in the winter anyways.
  13. Try a fun hair colour - done! dip dyed the ends of my hair (much to my mother's dismay) teal back in June
  14. Write my thesis proposal, get it approved - We're getting there on this one, have a solid draft going (14 pages single spaced)
  15. Take a dance class...hip hop? - Planning on signing up for one or two in the fall (funds pending)
  16. Scramble 5 mountains - ok this guy... clearly had no idea how hard this would be, instead I'm committed to 5 serious hikes, Did one in Colorado to the Lake of America, did one in our lab up to Old Goat Glacier, did 3 in hawaii - Manoa Falls in Honolulu, Iao Valley in Maui, and the Bamboo Forrest hike at the end of the road to Hana in Maui (two of the hawaii ones were easy-ish, so I'd like to add at least one more.
  17. Watch a sunrise - got a couple sunsets under my belt... going to have to have the boy take me out for this one.
  18. Visit a museum - Surprisingly didn't do any museums in Italy this time.
  19. Make a quilt - I have the shirts ready, and the interfacing... need to get going on this.
  20. Float the bow - Floated the elbow river on July 22...sooo much fun, such a beautiful day.
  21. Make my own bath bombs - coming up soon!
  22. Get a tattoo - got my very first tattoo on May 19... on my ribs, it hurt like heck!
  23. Read 20 new books - I'm at seven new books... probably re-read 10 old books at least as well.
  24. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity - Signed up to volunteer at a build in Sept. I can't wait!
  25. Print more photos - From traveling sooo many places this summer, I certainly have lots of photos to print.
Well there you have it, half way through the year, but not half way done yet. As it stands, this year has already been truly amazing and chuck full of new experiences. The last 6 months have gone by in a flash, can't imagine what the next 6 have in store.

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