Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5 Free Things to do in Calgary This Weekend

This weekend is one of my few weekends in town with absolutely no plans yet this summer.

Here's 5 great ideas of things to do (likely I'll end up doing none of them, getting drunk Friday night, being hung over all day Saturday and then working on my Research Proposal all day Sunday).

1. Friday Night Drive in Movies at Deerfoot Mall, Featuring the Lorax.

Movies start at 9:30 (it doesn't get dark till pretty late here) but they recommend coming early to park your car (West Lot) then grabbing dinner and coming back for the show. Family Friendly activities start at 7.

2. China Town Street Festival, Saturday Aug 11 from 10-8.

Like any good festivals this one is packed with live cultural entertainment, cultural themed vendors, great food (maybe I should pick up some King's this weekend?) and should be tones of fun.

3. Marda Gras Street Festival, Sunday Aug 12, from 10-5 in Marda Loop

Speaking of street festivals, Marda Loop as their annual Marda Gras fest this Sunday, pictures from the last couple years look like it should be a great time. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than pretending you're in New Orleans.

4. Float in the River, all day any day

Even tho it's only supposed to hang out in the low 20s this weekend, I'd still suggest grabbing a raft and going for a float. Any time you can just be lazy in the sun is a good time in my book.

5. Head out to the mountains for some hiking, maybe Ha Ling Peak?

As long as the weather is going to be nice, but not boiling, hiking is always a go to in my book. I've had Ha Ling Peek (Formally Chinaman's Peek) in mind all summer... now if only I can talk the boy into a full day outing like that.

Anyways hope you enjoy you weekend where ever you are, because summer will be over before you know it!


  1. You guys have a drive in theatre?! I've been dying to go to one! Also our twin dress ;) ...I found it while thrifting. Love it to bits :)

  2. Just came here from reddit and I'm glad I did because I never knew there were drive in movies at deerfoot mall...I've been jonesing for a drive in ever since the 17th Ave. S.E. shut down decades ago...yeah I guess I live under a rock.

  3. Thanks, I'm almost sick of the airports, but it's been totally worth it!