Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Calgary Double Rainbow

Yesterday was all kinds of Crazy weather in true Calgary fashion.

27ish degrees in the afternoon, and sunny as you please.

Then around 6:30PM....yet another giant crazy hail storm! I rushed downstairs to back my car up so it would be fully protected under the building, and there was hail the size of marbles everywhere.

Luckily it was not as bad as the one in July 2010 which resulted in thousands of hail damaged cars (imagine the surface of a golf ball) and in a matter of minutes took out this roof at the University.

Shortly thereafter, around 7:15PM, as I was driving around the Brentwood area what did I see in the sky, why a double rainbow! Seriously, I was almost as excited as the guy in the video. Almost cried.

The crappy cell phone pic doesn't do it justice I know.

And a few hours later even, round 10:30PM, as I was driving home, why just your regular old fashioned heat lightning show over down town.

This was a recent lightning storm during Stampede, Photo taken by Midwinterphoto, check out his flickr here.

Anyways, it leaves me looking forward to a weekend in Chicago, and hopefully some more mild weather (even it is supposed to be super hot).

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