Saturday, August 11, 2012

Calgary Food Trucks : Taste the Trucks II

Yesterday I flocked, along with hundreds of other hungry Calgarians, to the Riverwalk in the East Village to experience the goodness that was YYC Taste the Trucks II.

 Oh, and I wore my pinkest pants (H&M, the top too!).

The event ran from 1-6pm...and since I couldn't get out of the lab till 4, some things were sold out, but there was still plenty of good eating to go around.

First on my list was The Perogy Bozy, 'A gourmet mobile food truck, serving Eastern-European-inspired street food."

I got the Sauerkraut perogies, Sarah rocked the mexican ones. And they were both phenomenally good!

Of course we went and sat right on the edge of the Bow River, beautiful place to sit in the sun and eat, and the recent work on the Riverwalk, means it's better than ever to enjoy it!

But it was too hot to just eat hot food, so we also checked out Fiasco Gelato, a small batch artisan gelatiere, operating in Calgary since 2003. And let me tell you, these guys give Amato Gelato a run for their money.

I got the regular size, featuring a scoop of Watermelon Mint and a scoop of Zesty Lemon, and I had to eat fast to keep up with the melting in the sun, but no complaints from me about that!

 That's all the space my stomach had for food, even tho my eyes and nose were screaming for more. So I have to give a shout out to the Fries and Dolls truck, that easily had the biggest line, and some of the best food smells.

Interested in tracking down any member of Calgary's fleet of food trucks, head over to YYC food truck locator where they google map track them at all times for you.

Now if anyone with a food truck is reading this....Please come to Foothills.....Please...please?

Hospital cafeteria food can only keep you alive.... it can't give you happiness.

Please bring us happiness.



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  1. Ooooo, I love a good food truck. Looks like fun! Stopping by from SITs