Friday, September 7, 2012

Fascinated With Fridays : 3 Separate Things

Here's what's captured my interest this Friday!

As the re-release of the 1998 must have toy, the Furby, is making headlines this week, Hello Giggles had a fun post featuring other toy fad's of the 90s. Many of which, skip-its, pogs, floam; were immediately banned from my elementary school. (krazy bones, and snap bracelets were also banned from the play ground, but interestingly did not make the list).

As I finally got around to opening the cover of this summer's AIHS Research News, the first story drew my attention. University of Alberta law professor Timothy Caufeild's book 'The Cure for Everything' is supposed to be worth a read. In it he debunks many health myth's and cures, often using himself as a guinea pig, all in an effort to drive home the message that healthy living really is the cure for everything. Don't have time to read the book? You can just read his article on the Huffington Post "9 Health Myths Debunked."

I've been feeling in a bit of a lab related rut lately, maybe too many days spent on the same equipment, maybe just contemplation about being one year in with no end in sight. Anyways this leads me to wanting to feel more motivated, get successful, I know there have been a bunch of posts round the blog-o-sphere recently about 'Eating your Frog' so here's one about 'What Successful People Do with the First Hour of Their Work Day." How do you start off your day, with a specific ritual? I'd love to try to get into some wake-up sun salutations.

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  1. Aww - I remember Pogs, I had a cat who loved to chase them :-)

    My day doesn't start off too motivated anymore. My little boy wants to wake up at 5:30 so I'm usually begging him for more sleep. Then I cave and make coffee. Even before I had a child I never really had a great morning routine, I'm much more of a night owl.