Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I won a BlackBerry Music Gateway

About two weeks ago I sent the following Tweet out into the Twitterverse.

" Springsteen Toronto 2012 Sit Tight Take Hold Thunder Road!"

Featuring this photo, snapped with my BlackBerry Torch (I really do love this phone) at the Springsteen concert I went to with my dad in August.

OK... so not a great quality photo, but not half bad from an old cell phone held up in the air while I sang (yelled) out the lyrics to the song.

And why did I send this tweet? BlackBerry was having a contest where you could win a Music Gateway.

If I'm totally honest with you, 1. I didn't know what a Music Gateway was at the time and 2. I misread the contest tweet as a 'Music Getaway' and though you might win a trip. While I'm still holding out for the trip. I did win the Music Gateway.

Actual size is like the size of a tic tac container. Image from crackberry.com

It arrived this morning, and I immediately set it up; a process the took 2 minutes. 

Step one: plug it into the wall.
Step two: plug it into your stereo or tv through the audio in.
Step three: find it via the Bluetooth on your BlackBerry phone or tablet.
Step four: press play and enjoy!

So after using it all day, what do I like about it (apart from having won it for free)?

Well, when I got home from work, before even walking through the door of my apartment I turned on my playlist from my phone. The Bluetooth range seems to be just fine for my entire one bedroom apartment... further testing to see if I can get it from down the hallway still needs to be done. Also you have you music playing and you still have your phone, unlike iPhone docking systems where the phone has to sit there plugged in to listen to music. And you don't have to get up to change songs or turn it on or off. Tomorrow morning when I wake up to my alarm (on my phone) you can certainly bet I'll have some tunes playing from the other room about one second later.

So thank you very much Research in Motion people. I never win things, and was super excited to win this. 

Yours truly,

A diehard crackberry addict.


  1. Apple has airplay, so I can play my itunes from my laptop or phone across my wireless internet into my stereo receiver. Just giving some credit to apple.... Sincerely, Matt C.

  2. Also, I think this blog is kind of neat, and congrats on winning that thing! MC