Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recipe: Healthy Breakfast Hash

All day yesterday I was craving breakfast foods (sweet bacon-y and maple syrup-y goodness). So this morning I threw together for breakfast (and leftovers became lunch) this Health Breakfast Hash/kinda frittata.

Also, I don't ever really count calories when I cook... but I've been reading a lot of healthy/fitness blogs lately so I felt inspire.

Sara's Healthy Breakfast Hash

3 LilyDale Day starters Turkey Breakfast Sausages (cut into little peices)     150cal
1 cup McCain Breakfast Potatoes Shredded Hashbrowns                                70cal
1tbsp butter (I'd rather grease things up natural and tasty)                               35cal
1/2 onion chopped up                                                                                        25cal
1/2 red bell pepper chopped up                                                                         20cal
1/2tbsp Kraft Italian Vinaigrette (this is how I season things sometimes)        20cal

All of the above goes into an oven safe, non stick, pan on the stove, on high. Stir it up freaquently and cook it until the sausage is cooked (no longer pink, and starting to brown) and the potatoes are nice and golden. If you're like me, you were probably also getting ready for work and maybe burned things a tiny bit).

Next up you want to mix in a bowl the following:

1/3 cups egg whites                                                   40cal
2 large eggs                                                              150cal
1/3 cup Kraft Shredded Tex Mex, light                     80cal

Then just pour it on top, and mix it in real quick (doesn't have to be well mixed). Then you want to cook it on the stove top for a couple min (for the bottom to cook) then throw the whole pan into the oven, right under the broiler for another 5-10 min for the eggs to cook from the top down. When it's all done there should be no more liquid egg, and things should be looking golden.

So what's in that pan?

Total Calories: 590

So for the serving size... I divided things up into thirds... which was enough to fill me right up. For just under 200cal. Which considering that breakfast is recommended to be 20-25% of your daily intake, and my recommended intake is probably around 1800. That leaves me with bonus 160 breakfast calories to spare on say a big glass of orange juice.

Which I didn't have in my fridge so I went with water.... and thru on a little light sour cream for added yummyness.

But it just goes to show you that it is possible to whip up a classically 'greasy, diner style' breakfast and still make it super healthy for you. (from a calorie counting perspective at least, I'm sure my boyfriend would still find things to critique, but he eats way better than me).

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