Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Already

Me in Banff about this time last year, Tunnel Mountain.

Another "I can't believe it's October already!" post for you to read, and one day late too, I know my feed was full of them yesterday.

Last night as I walked across campus after a somewhat productive 45 min in the gym, I thought to myself what a beautiful night. The air was crisp, it was chilly but not cold really, and the full moon was out just as clouds rolled in from the west to cover it up while I walked. I took the chance on that 10 minute or so walk to just breath and clear my head, because yesterday was the start of an incredibly busy week, and an even busier month for me.

School wise I have a class this semester, which so far has me reading between 4-6 papers a week, with a presentation every other week, and a paper to write soon. I have my research proposal to finish up the final draft by the end of October so I can have a committee meeting again mid November. Fall is the season of applying for funding in academia, and I subsequently have an application due on the 15th. I have a whole side project of experiments that I'd like to finish out before the end of november, alongside the rest of my lab work. On top of that I'm the president of our department grad association, I volunteer with the committee which organizes the faculty symposium each year, and I am responsible for a news article for a student run health sciences journal out of UofT. Add to that our lab tech being on holiday for the next two months and I've somehow become the default replacement and you can see my head is spinning.

Life wise I'm standing up in my cousin's wedding this month, and will be travelling back to Ontario for that. I am doing two dance classes a week, (add it to the night class and tuesday and friday are my only nights off). I am trying to get into the gym two nights a week, and run outside at least once. I have my first half Marathon coming up Nov 11. And I still want to try to get 2-3 blog posts  (minimum) up a week.

Yeesh... I may just collapse in a heap come Halloween! Oh halloween... I have a costume to sew for that!

So this month will be the ultimate test of my time management skills, but consider this post a disclaimer up front....if I disappear off the face of the internet this month, it's not because I don't love it here, it's only because I'm passed out under a pile of journal articles.

Cheers, and happy fall!


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