Wednesday, November 21, 2012

15 firsts

OK... I'm waiting to meet with my supervisor, and I saw this was going around on blogs today (from Lacey at The Next Chapter) and thought oooh sounds like fun. So here's 15 firsts!

  1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: Apart from lingering in my bed for as long as I possibly can...brush my teeth, I hate tasting my own mouth in the morning. 
  2. First thing you reach for when you open the fridge: If I’m being good the Brita filtered water (nice and cold, no tap, luke cold water for this girl)...If I’m being not so good, cheese of some variety. 
  3. First things you do when you go to the gym: Treadmill (unless I ran to the gym) even if I don’t run more than a mile, it’s good to get your muscles warmed up before you get to anything else. 
  4. First thing you do you when you get home from work: Pants off, comfy pants/shorts on! 
  5. First car: I drove my parent’s Neon, and then the Mazda...and then because they spoil me they bought me the pretty blue civic which I currently drive and adore. 
  6. First car accident / traffic violation: I got a speeding ticket in a work truck one summer on the highway (was literally only going 15km over, and he got me just past the sign where it dropped from a 90 to a 70). Never driven in an accident, but have been a passenger in one (terrifying!). 
  7. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up: Used to want to be a vet...until I learned that I would have to put animals to sleep. 
  8. First choice beverage: Ok, let’s be honest...I like Coca-Cola....Like in a I crave it every now and then kind of way. But I don’t allow myself to buy it/keep it in my apartment. Usually I’m just a water girl. 
  9. First choice breakfast: One day I’ll get to go to Denny’s again, and get those potatoes....there’s a story here where 3 weekends in a row I got my hopes up and was denied (not fun on a hangover). 
  10. First choice dessert:Vanilla ice cream with hot apple pie. 
  11. First song that comes to mind: I’ve got an Adele song in my head... don’t know which one.
  12. First major purchase: I don’t know here.... um I had to spend 400bucks at once on maintenance on my was a devastating day for me. But all my major purchases are flights! 
  13. First job: I tutored Kumon math after school to primary aged kids...wasn’t a huge fan because you had to stop the kids from counting on their fingers (the way I learned basic adding and subtracting). 
  14. First time you flew on a plane: I was only a couple weeks old... my dad’s a pilot and he flew us (me him mom) up to the Sault to visit the rest of my family when I was a wee little baby, and we were living in Southern Ontario. 
  15. First real "big girl" job: I am a grad getting a ‘big girl’ job is something for waaaay down the line...but really I want to stay in academia forever, and never have to do that.
So what are some of your firsts?

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  1. My first kiss was with a boy named Dane. Who I remembered because he had brothers named Shane and Lane.