Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Haul

Ok so against my better financial judgment I did some Black Friday shopping... yes we have it here in Canada, but it's way less intense than in the States...for instance noone pulls out pepper spray or guns.

I did pretty well as far as sales go.

Express had 50% from Thursday night till Friday before Noon. And I think they are doing 40% off Cyber Monday right now.

(clearly I need better natural lighting for photos) but I picked up a sweet neon yellow sheer blouse for 25, a yellow clutch for 7ish and an off white shirt (good with leggings) for 15.

Guess marked all their previously reduced stuff an extra 40%.

Picked up the knit dress... super cute and cozy for only $32 after all the reductions.

American Eagle... 40% off the whole store I think? I donno it was a zoo in there.

Doesn't this make for an awesome sweater party sweater... I tried it on in line (since the line was that long) and it even passed Kev's 'is it an ugly old man sweater' test (he says, nope!) I think it was like $20 (I wore it right away and got rid of the tag/receipt)

Lululemon... while they technically didn't do a black friday sale, lulu market mall marked down a bunch of stuff extra cheap and put it all on racks (so you didn't have to dig for it)....needless to say you had to buy without trying on.

Terrible pic I know (but I took these last night at like 11pm...seriously there was no lighting only flash). The two  Run tanks were marked from 52 to $24. The Virtue Energy Pant were marked down from 98 to $59. Then I picked up gloves and a head band full price....cause I needed them. I also picked up a yoga bag.... no pic sorry... for $34 (it was the last one and followed a lady round the store until she put it down and left... so I could grab it....ok maybe black friday brings out the worst in Canadians too?)

Anyways did you shop? what did you get? (and mom when you read this... I know..."Stop Spending Money!")

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