Friday, November 2, 2012

Dinner last night at District Tavern

Last night I met up with some other McMaster Alumni round Calgary for dinner and drinks at District Tavern. While I had fun, I'm afraid I have to give this place mixed reviews.

Pro: great cozy atmosphere

Pro: produce from local farms

Pro: reasonable prices

Con: they don't give you menu's....instead you have to get out of your seat and walk around/physically move a bunch of chalkboards that have the menu on them

Pro: the long island ice teas were super tastey, and their happy hour meant I paid like 11 bucks for 2!

Con: the waitress dropped a fork on me when clearing the table, leaving a stain on my sweater

Pro: The linguine carbonara I got was tasty... but

Con: I swear the chalk board said it was supposed to have bacon and instead it had sausage and...

Con: I asked the waitress if it came with like a garlic toast, and she said yes on foccacia bread... what in fact came with it was a bottom bun of a hamburger that had been toasted (no garlic no nothing)

Con: they charged an automatic 18% tip... which I probably would have tipped 15 max all things considered

Anyways, would I go back, for drinks definitely... for dinner, I don't know.

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