Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Costume Round Up

Happy November First everyone! You know what that means, I get to show you what I wore for halloween this year. After briefly considering dressing like my supervisor, I settled on one awesome prop and two amazing costumes.

The prop?

A 6 foot (plus) long black whip.

The Costumes?

One safe for work, one not so much.

And in true Sara fashion, I didn't get any photos in the while I was actually wearing them (no room for cameras in costumes right?) and so I dressed up again just for you!

For this one, all I needed was the whip and the hat... the rest is just a tan shirt dress (Forever21), brown leather jacket (Zara) black leggings (Express) and brown boots (Nine West). Needless to say everyone had fun trying to crack that whip!

Ah cat woman... I mean it is a Batman year, but who wants to be like everyone else and dress up as Anne Hathaway cat woman (I mean it's not even a costume) when you can be Michelle Pfeiffer instead. The mask and corset I go online. For the rest I bought 3 pairs of fake leather leggings from Sirens (like $15 total) and got sewing.... make sure to use white thread and leave all your ends hanging. I also had a pair of black gloves with metal claws (metal hair clips from the craft department) poked through them (use black hockey tape to secure) but I lost them or something.

So that's what I wore this year, but while I'm in the sharing mood, here's some of the costumes of years past.... you'll notice 2 things: 1) I'm a huge nerd and 2) I never remember to take good pics!

Happy Halloween ladies, hope you had a great time!

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