Friday, November 9, 2012

How many books is too many?

I like books. I like to buy them, and read them. I like to fold down the corners of pages rather than use a bookmark. I love to read in a bubble bath, and have on occasion dipped the corner of a book in the water. I can honestly say you'll never convert me to an eReader, there's just too much goodness that comes from a printed book.

Like every little brunette girl, I wanted what the Beast gave Belle, a library, walls covered floor to ceiling in books, beautiful books. Since moving into my own apartment over a year ago, I've started to make that happen (well many of the books I've had for years, half of the boxes I drove across the country were books).

This is what my living room looks might be time for a fourth set of shelves soon. And some art/photos over the TV.

Lots of nicknacks live on my shelves with the books... and some shoes that don't have any other homes. Also a set of tiny mice from Ikea.

There's all sorts of books on my shelves including some old school medical encyclopedias, some cook books, and a heck of a lot of fantasy books (pushes nerd glasses further onto nose). If you look real close you can see the twighlight books live in disgrace at the bottom.

Book shelves, for all their inherant beauty are a pain in the but to dust tho... Fun fact most of these books I've read at least 3 times! Which in some ways justifies me owning rather than borrowing from a library.

This is an awesome vintage toy microscope, next to a tiny clay lizard man I made back in grade 10, in front of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth books which I highly recommend.

Last night I bought another two books! I really may have a problem!

What was the last book you read?

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  1. You have no idea how many books I have. Crap, HAD. I had to leave them at my parents house when I moved. And *GASP* they put them all in a garage sale.....for 25cents each! Sad. Sad. Sad. Im keeping my books from here on out DIGITAL. hahaa