Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sara's First Half Marathon Blues

So you may have read this post back in September where I signed up to run in the last chance half marathon here in Calgary on November 11th.

And you may have seen a pair of updates on my early on training.

But if you follow my twitter you know that mid September I started suffering from really bad shin splints in my right leg. I took two weeks off running, and then got back at it...worked my way up to 15km runs then bam! shin splints back in full force.

I saw a doctor about it at the beginning of October and she said it was a soft tissue injury, perscribed an anti-inflamtory and told me to take another two weeks off, then ween myself back in to running extra slow.

What I'm getting at is I am nowhere prepaired for this run.

What I am debating back in forth is, is it worth it for me to give it a shot anyways (not a running shot, but a run then walk my lame a$$ the rest of the way kind of shot).

You see the run a half marathon goal (see my list of 25 things before I turn 25) was my first and number one goal this year. And I was really set to do it. I started following a tonne of lovely bloggers also runners training for marathon's/halfers for motivation. And I was super excited!

Having an injury related set back just crushed my drive. There's no reason I couldn't have got on a bike and did a tonne of low impact cardio training.... and there's no reason that since it started getting dark her by 5 I haven't been willing to run outside even at all..... except that I let myself suck.

So I don't think I'll be running next sunday... and I feel pretty bummed about it.

But as I was telling my bf today on the way to the gym, I'm still pretty proud of myself this year. Before setting that goal I was 0% a runner. And since setting that goal I've run over 200km this year (and still counting I swear) I ran in two 10km races and did a spartan race. I also did a boot camp, worked with a personal trainer, can seriously do pushups now, and touch the real weight equipment at the gym (squatted 85lbs today). I don't think that I could have accomplished any of that without that goal motivating me. I literally am in better shape than I have ever been, and have no intentions of turning back. And though I may not run that 21km next sunday... I may still try and do it before my 25th birthday...even if its just me and a treadmill.

Anyways I wanna finish this off with a shout out to some of the ladies (and gent!) who are so inspiring to me. I love reading your blogs, and truly wish I could be more like you guys!

And finally FitFluential and Sweat Pink!


  1. Aww that's such a shame! No reason you couldn't do one in the future though :)

  2. While I've never taken on a challenge like a half-marathon, I can totally relate to losing motivation and drive in other fitness challenges. *hugs* But set-backs are not failures and I know you'll rock it another time when you're totally ready and amped up for it! :D

    (Also thanks for the shoutout girl! <3)