Monday, November 12, 2012

Sparked my Pinterest 03

As a mechanism to avoid washing some dishes for just a little while longer... here's another volume of Sparked my Pinterest.

Items to Buy  Well I mean it is Movember and these would just  be the perfect earrings to rock this month!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Stuff to Make Since winter has full on set in here in Calgary, I could use an extra scarf or two... this cowl with a neat pattern of arrows would be perfect.

Things to Wear why is it so bad that I really really justwant to wear a sick furry coat like this one? It wouldn't be that crazy lady would it?

Food and Drinks This is such a great idea... its a cup cake recipe that makes only two cupcakes! This is what I need when I want a treat for the BF and I but don't want eat the other dozen or so most of my recipes makes.

 Anyways you can always come and Pin Along with Me here!

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