Thursday, November 29, 2012

VlogBrothers? whaaat

Ok, so I was just watching this week's My Drunk Kitchen (developing a serious YouTube addiction I know) and Hanna featured Hank from a channel called the VlogBrothers... so I naturally clicked along, and pretty much fell in love!

Nerd alert! It was clear within about 10 seconds that these are my kind of people... I mean look at the bookshelves in this video....look at my book shelves.... Similar no? Anyways, wanted to share this video of recommendations for Christmas book gifting. And tell you a few I put on my list from it!

Here's what... based on this video.... I want to read ASAP

The emperor of all maladies: A Biography of Cancer.

The ballad of the whiskey robber.


The Magicians.

So if you're wondering what to get me this year any of the above would do... and I promise not to buy them myself until after the holidays.

Currently reading: The Land of Painted Caves....almost done it too!


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