Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Recap Nov 25

Eeeep! only one month until Christmas people! And I am soooo not ready! I have a huge list of crafting and baking to get done by then, plus add in a tonne of school work....busy busy busy (but what else have I come to expect?)

What did I do the last couple days you might say? (Because naturally the details of my life are of utmost interest to everyone)

Thursday Night
  • Attended Young Women of Influence Evening Series, featuring a panel on Work/Life Balance (expect a post in the next week or so...I took notes like a champ)
  • Came home and made super tasty stir-fried veggies in peanut sauce...
  • Opened my chest freezer to get a chicken breast out.... and bam, everything was melty and rotting
The rage/hurt/sulking

  • Threw out 20+ pounds of food including homemade raviolishomemade perogies, and homemade chicken soup
  • Called my mom and sulked about it
  • Lay down on the floor, called Kevin and whined about it
  • Emailed my boss about it
  • Tweeted about it (you know when something like that happens, and no one is there the experience it with you, and you just have to tell everyone!)
  • Woke up and cleaned freezer
  • Went to the lab and ran an agarose gel
  • Did some Black Friday shopping with my friend Sarah
  • Practiced my hair styling on her, getting her ready for a winter formal
  • Ran 3miles at the gym while watching the first half of the Vanier cup....McMaster lost :(
  • Had a Euchre party in Kevin's room until 4am... much beer was consumed
  • Woke up early to send everyone else out to Banff to snowboard
  • Went back to sleep till 1pm
  • Cleaned the party remains
  • Baked these Apple Pie Squares from Leigh at All you Need is Love
  • Went to her house to meet up with some of the other bloggers round town
  • Drove out to Banff
  • Wine was consumed (Apothic Red of course)

  • Woke up to this view
  •  Spent a cozy morning with Kev
  • Worked on a presentation for school
  • Added a list of Calgary Blogs up at the top (in my header)
  • Watched we bought a zoo
  • Bed soon!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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