Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 Lists of Christmas : Holiday Gift Guide

Hello all, now that I've finished my course work (never have to take a class again.... somehow will still be a student for 3-4 more years) and my annual journal club, it's Christmas (or at least it feels like it!) And I've been thinking on what I can give you (my much beloved reading audience) for Christmas. And I thought the 12 posts of Christmas, but better yet, how does the 12 lists of Christmas sound?

Here's list number 1: Last Minute Gift Ideas

1. For your supervisor: How about a super awesome Einstein USB drive, available online from MIMOBOT.
2. For your lab Secret Santa exchange: A travel mug good for coffee or loose leaf tea, available online from David's Tea
3. As a hostess gift: A selection of Canadian made seasonings for dips (so easy, and always needed over the holiday) My favourite Epicure Selections Cheese, Chives and Bacon Dip.
4. Home Made Goodness: Why not knit a simple scarf (Harry Potter anyone?) I make one up quick fast every year, with only two Red Heart Super Savers. The Pattern, cast on 40 stitches in a circle on 5mm needles, and knit 25 rows before switching colours, add fringe and you're good to go!

5. For your best girl friend: Give the gift of yoga this year with a Passport To Prana, the card gets you a Yoga class at each participating studio in your city, Calgary has 17 on the card, that's less the $2 a class,
6. For your best guy friend: A remote controlled mini helicopter, these things handle like you would not believe and will provide hours and hours of fun. Available online from London Drugs.
7. For your little cousin: Mine's been asking, every time I talk to her, for a Crayola Marker Airbrush set, which turns any Crayola marker into an airbrush painter thingy....looks cool if you ask me, available online from Walmart.
8. For your big cousin: Mine sent me a request for Rocky Mountain Soap Company products, but I think as she gifted me a Michigan University sweater last year, I should gift back in suit. Jovi (their chocolate lab) would look great in green State colours. Available online from Amazon.

9. For your sibling: Mine is kinda hard to shop for, but nothing works better with siblings than the gift of nostalgia, I suggest a refurbish N64. Complete with a game such as GoldenEye. You can pick up a working condition used one from Amazon.
10. For your father: Dad's are the hardest to shop for, especially mine. Years past I've gone with music, movies, model airplanes. But sometimes it's best to gift simply. Good old fashioned Canadian Whisky should do the trick.
11. For your mom: Did I say dad's are the hardest to shop for, sorry I meant mothers, the notorious 'don't want anything' gift recipient. So for her I'd go with cookware that might eventually be handed down to me. How does something cast iron by le creuset sound, available online from amazon.
12. For your plus one: Luckily this year I've been working on Kev's gift for a couple weeks already (I'm 3/4 through four canvases for his wall, pictures to come later) but yesterday I was browsing the men's section of lululemon and thought of how much I'd like to wrap him in luon instead.

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  1. You have some very interesting (and in some cases, Canadian) ideas. I really need to get to shopping...so hopefully your post will inspire me. Found the post on 20SB.