Monday, May 28, 2012

Today I will....

Head to the airport in 3 hours.

Fly to Toronto.

Spend another 7ish hours hanging around Pearson International.

Fly to Rome.

I cannot wait, may as well just stay up at this point....and sleep it off on the flights.

That's the way to overcome jet lag if you ask me.

Threw a coin over my shoulder (you can see it in the air) a little over a year ago, looks like it works to be bringing me back so soon.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Afternoon run

I'm running a 10km Sunday after next....I've been trying to run at least twice a week for the last 4 months or so.

Today Sarah and I went for a short 6km down along the Bow River, and over onto Prince's Island.

We checked out Calgary's new (somewhat contravention) Peace Bridge (it cost the city some 24 million dollars)

 The bridge was designed by world renown architect Santiago Calatrava. We thought it looked kind of like a spinal cord wrapped in supportive vasculature.  As for the cost....sometimes it's about more than just being a utilitarian bridge.

Once we got onto Prince's Island, we ran along some of the paths until we spotted some baby geese.

While we were distracted by these 3 cuties, I looked up at the river and saw even more coming over to say hello.

Looks like it was baby geese dinner time....sooooo many fluffy goslings....almost as cute as this one 
How do goslings cross the road? : )

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flow in the dark and lululemon Teambuy give-away

This week (as it turns out) is National Yoga Week.

To celebrate, lululemon teamed up with East Village Calgary to throw a free 'Flow in the Dark' yoga class last night at the historical Simmons Building (an old mattress factory), led by Ally Bogard of Gaiatri Yoga and featuring  DJ Wax Romeo.

So we all dressed up in white, neon and glow sticks... packed in mat-to-mat....and experienced what I would describe as a  Yoga/Rave/Orgy/Tribal Dance/Sweat Sauna as we tried to "wake up in the dream time" and release the "medicine men and women within our DNA". Overall it was an incredible experiance, something I would definitely repeat (next time with neon body paint too!) and possibly the only time I'll ever get to smell like ~350 different people's sweat.

Here's a couple pics taken with my blackberry:

 Sarah and I waiting outside in the freezing drizzle (luckily David's Tea was there giving away free samples to warm you up a bit)
 Getting glow sticks on in the dark.
 Awesome new lulu top looking extra funky, me looking relatively human before the class started.
(it's the namaste tank.....they only have black on the website right now)
 People in our area warming up.... the orange's looked the best!

Looking a little bit more like my 'inner medicine" woman at the end of the class!

In other news, Teambuy is giving away 2 $1000 lululemon gift cards... so here's the link:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What to Pack for Italy

it's 12 days now till I head off to Italia (eeeeee squeals of excitement) and I'm beginning to pack for it.

I'll be there for 10 days, we'll be in/around Sorrento and Cosenza, and we're renting a car... so the bag I pack doesn't have to be the 100% most practical (at least that's what I've been telling myself)

To see what I packed in these bags click here.

For my carry-on, I'm going with the American Apperal, Stripe Canvas large Carry-All bag

And trust me... this bad boy  does carry-all....I've used it a couple times as a weekend bag and loved it...hopefully it'll be good for traveling abroad too.

For my one personal item (i.e. purse) I'm going with a small backpack, which will be an ideal day bag for Italy

This one is the Prothro from Spring (they also have it in poke-a-dots and neon stripes) I picked it up today after looking at backpacks from many....many other stores. It's a great size for carrying a journal, spare pair of shoes, camera, light name it!

Anyways I'm planning on taking pictures and showing you all what I packed, where, and how (I'm sewing a few zip-up garment bag thingies to keep the giant empty space of my Carry-All organized) some time this weekend so look forward to that!

Happy Wednesday all! Hope it was a good one!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day mom, and Nana you too! I wish I could be at home instead of half  way across the country to celebrate with you. I am so grateful to have both of you in my life. Love you and miss you. Will see you both soon in Italy.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today I...tried on some bikini's

So yesterday I had a mind blowing moment when my cousin msged me to inform me Lulu was now carrying swim suits! And I's sad.... but I can admit I have a problem....a serious Lululemon addiction.

Today I rushed to go check them out, with instructions from my cousin and a friend to let them know how they fit.

So I tried on the Heatwave Beach's what I thought:

  • I loved the way the bottoms fit, would make for a great sporty bikini
  • They are all reversible, this one's solid white on the other side....there's also black/print, grey/pink options
  • I love the print
  • The true lulu style....have a tiny pocket in the back to stash a key or something
  • The website claims this model is a 34D...and is wearing the size I'm a 34B-Cish... and tried on the 6....and the triangles on the top left me feeling like I would slip a nipple at annnny second
  • I tried one-upping the size for bigger cup options...but then the band becomes too large...while you can adjust the fastening to a smaller diameter, when you do this it became bulky seeming in the back
  • The tiny pocket on the bottoms is on the white side, and so when you reverse to the print side you get a bulge where the pocket is... since it has like a plastic clip thing
  • Considering how sporty the bottoms are... I would have expected the top to be more activity friendly...probably only if you're mostly flat chested
Overall I decided it wasn't worth $102 dollars... and bought this dress instead

The it's a cinch dress *jacuard.... was it worth the 88bucks... hopefully (must develop more self restraint)

And as for bikini's I went over to H&M next... after seeing ads for $5.95 bikini tops and bought this one

The top was 12.95 and the bottoms 5.95.... so very fun for a bra-like bikini... but it's nude... so I'll definitely have to get a bit more tanned before I wear it... Hopefully my bottle of Jergens Natural glow can get me a head start.

That's all for now... 10km in 3 weeks (eeek) and Italy 2 days later.... can't wait!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Calgary Eating: Tilted Grill

Last night the boy took me out on a hot date to the Tilted Grill, on 4thSW. He owed me since I managed to pick 1 winner out of 4 UFC matches a couple weeks ago (trailer park guy FTW!). And it was a hot date despite April showers continuing into May now.

But anyways, what did I think of Tilted Grill?

1. I had a peach bellini, very tasty.

2. We got the Gogi Sliders for the appetizer...sooo good, would even consider getting these as a meal in of itself. The meat was just perfect and the sauce on it (while borderline spicy for me...I toughed it out) was delicious.... if the Gogi Burrito tastes anything like these, than it would probably be a great entree choice.

3. For my entree I got the Carne Asada Tacos, with the loaded baked potato on the side.... as far as the tacos, I wasn't crazy about them... they were too full of meat to eat manageably... and could have used some sauce...I would recommend whatever was on the Sliders. I inhaled the potato tho...very lady like of me!

4.The boy go the 12ounce  New York, the seasonal veggies (which I shamelessly stole from his plate) we super tasty (thank god for butter!) and he enjoyed the steak...with a side of sweat potato fries that were what you would expect from sweat potato fries.

5.The atmosphere was pretty cool, fusion-y like the menu, they boy happily remarked twice "and they're playing the hockey game at the bar" and they have a huge patio outside that would likely be a lot of fun in the summer.

Overall, would we go back, yes, we have to....we were both too full for desert (I spent all day drooling about the Glazed Donut Satay after reading this blog post) so we made a promise we'd come back one night this summer just for drinks and the donuts!

If you're interested in checking out the Tilted Grill.... Living Social has $60 for 2 appetizers, 2 steak entrees, 2 desserts and 2 glasses of wine....which is an awesome deal if you can eat that much!

Next time I promise to do better to try and take some pictures!

Tilted Grill on Urbanspoon