Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why I am doing the FitFluential January DietBet

If you saw my earlier post, you'll know I bought in to FitFluential's January Diet Bet. I posted my starting weight, along with a full body shot of me on a scale!

Today I want to talk about why I am participating.

You might notice, to look at me, I'm not particularly what you would call overweight. In fact, I've already received comments in that regard on the website. I am however, a little over what I would consider my ideal weight. Maybe something like 5%. To 'win' at diet bet, you need to lose 4% by the end of four weeks, so that's right in line with what I want.

 (Me on the last nice day before winter.)

I've never been particularly weight obsessed at any point in my life. In fact I very rarely weigh myself. This last year however, I have become more involved in having what I would call a healthy/active lifestyle. I began running more, actually working out at the gym (I can lift things up and put them down now!) and eating a much, much healthier diet. I'm glad to have made this change, because lets be honest, as you get older, the metabolism you took for granted in highschool begins to sloooow down.

So why am I DeitBetting?

  • To make up for a lazy December followed by Christmas Holidays spent eating everything I could.
  • I turn 25, 1 day before the weigh out. I want to be in my best physical condition before I enter the next quarter century of my life.
  • To get into a fitness routine that will hopefully carry on well past the end of this adventure.
  • I'm going to Mexico in March, and lets be honest, everyone wants to feel beach ready!
  • Finally, I want to play along with all the 300+ others who are making commitments to eat cleaner and train harder over the next 4 weeks.
To get to know me a little bit better, why not read about why I heart my body!  And if you are also doing a dietbet, or have set yourself a fitness related goal in 2013, I'd love to hear your reasons for doing so! Please leave me a comment!

My next post, I want to focus on how I feel about joining this DeitBet thing, which is totally different from why I am doing it!


  1. Hi Sara!
    I'm doing it too. I'm at such a different time of my life (I'm 48) and I do have about 80 pounds to lose, but I love the fun of *playing* together and I'm curious if putting some money down will keep me focused. It's already got me ready to begin in earnest and that's a huge victory.
    Good Luck! Let's share that pot!

    1. let's share the pot for sure! That's the idea, that having money at stake or a prize to win will be extra motivation! Good luck with your goals, and thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey! I'm in it as well. My desire is basic - truly hoping the money will motivate me to keep my calorie intake under control. I'm like Tree above... about 70 pounds to lose and moving into my 40's this year. I'd rather see a better me that can handle a very active 2 year old than the me that is tired all the time. We should all stick together and finish together!

    1. Hey those are great reasons! And what better motivation than to keep up with a little one! We should definitely work together and all finish winners! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!