Sunday, February 17, 2013

25 before 25 a look back

Today is my 25th birthday! A quarter century of my life has gone by, but not passed me by! I've been celebrating with family and friends all weekend, and today I'll be celebrating with all of you over the course of the day.

First things first tho, last year on my birthday I compiled a list of 25 things to do before I turned 25. I've been carting that list around with me all year.

Mid way through the year I gave you guys a recap on how well I've been doing!

Here's my finished thoughts, I'd say I hit about half of them, but overall, this list fueled the best year of my life!

  1. The half marathon, was aiming to do it in November, but got slugged down with shin splints. No worries tho, I still logged more km running last year than in my whole life, ran 2 10kms and a spartan sprint. Today I am aiming for May, and planning to do another in August!
  2. Donating blood, well getting the tattoo when I did bunged this one up, but I did donate blood to science (studies have been done on my plasma and neutrophils how cool?) a bunch of times this year.
  3. check!
  4. While I didn't take a class, I did complete an awesome art project for Kevin's Xmas present, need to get photos up soon!
  5. Check!
  6. Traveled to Hawaii (2 islands), Italy, Aspen, Chicago and number 5? A frozen yogurt date in Airdrie Alberta!
  7. I didn't host all of them at my house, but cook meals for Kevin and his boys on a semi regular basis, so we'll call it mostly done.
  8. Nope! Next year damn it!
  9. Ok I guess I'm just not into horses enough to follow thru on this one!
  10. Adopt a kitten.... alright, I would love one, my lease, and sense of responsibility made me wait on this. On the other hand, a stray we've named Gregory spent my birthday party with me!
  11. Done and done again!
  12. I did so little knitting this year, that's gotta change
  13. Teal dip dye!
  14. Well it's written, my supervisor is working on giving me the final edits now!
  15. Dance classes! yep!
  16. This one became revised to hiking my butt off last summer.
  17. While I've seen many sunrises, I didn't sit somewhere wonderful and watch one, this will for sure happen next month in Cuba!
  18. Can't explain why I didn't pull this simple one off!
  19. Made one, and it's been on my bed ever since!
  20. Floated the elbow, no better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon in Calgary!
  21. Nope... oh well!
  22. Yep! although sometimes I forget I even have one!
  23. Done and then some!
  24. I signed up, and had to cancel for this a couple times.
  25. I love having photos up in my apartment!
Anyways, overall I wouldn't trade this year for the world. I made it an amazing one, and somehow along the way met an amazing guy!

 Celebrating my birthday, at the top of the Memorial Stairs in Calgary on Friday Night!


  1. Happy birthday!! You've accomplished a ton!! Such a sweet photo!! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had such a great time celebrating!

  2. Sounds like a great year
    , happy birthday?