Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome to My Life SITStas!

I have been waiting for this day, on and off for years. Today is my featured blogger day over at The SITS Girls. And ladies, I've been a SITSter for years, through this blog, and the one before it, and the one before that. So welcome in, take off your shoes, get comfy and stay awhile.

My SITSday could not have come at a better time. Yesterday was my 25th Birthday. I am a quarter through my life, and am so blessed by how amazing it has been this far. If you want to give me an amazing birthday gift, become a follower, this last year my blog has grown, changed, split and become better than ever. And I can only go up from here. The SITS community, with all the lovely people, amazingly helpful tutorials, and sense of support has been a part of that. Thank you, up front, and honestly!

So who am I? Well you can read my about page, or just this post.

I am a new 25year old, Canadian girl, of half Italian decent (which is reflected in all the times I try to recreate my nana's secret recipes). I am a life long student, currently working diligently away on my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (if you're more interested in that I suggest you check out my other blog and here is where I share the rest of my life with the world. Blogging has become a huge creative outlet for me, what started as an occasional hobby years ago, has truly grown into a passion (if one that can be hard to explain to non bloggers).

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario (I like to pretend it's the one Neil Yong is singing about in Hopeless) to my pilot father and my wonderful mother and her giant amazing loving feasting Italian family. In a Springsteen-esque manner, tho, I hit the ground running, moved to the big city (Hamilton lol) for University, and then half way across the continent to Calgary where I currently reside.

I have a passion for travel, last year, on my meager grad student budget I made it out to Italy, Hawaii, Aspen and Chicago. This year I have trips to Cuba, Vancouver and the UK already in the works!

I am a runner, yogi, nerd extroadinaire. I love fresh air and great views! And will go just about anywhere my feet can take me.

My blog is all of me, no one genre, just adventures. Curious to know what's in store for the next year? Check out my list of 26 things to do before I'm 26. Become a follower and come along on this adventure with me. I'm 25 years young, with my whole life ahead of me, and couldn't be happier or more excited!


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