Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogging Prompt: Celebrating Me

This week's 20sb Blogging Prompt is to Celebrate Yourself by telling 3 things you absolutely love about yourself. We all spend too much time being overly critical of ourselves. We've been trained our whole lives to focus on the negatives, the things we need improving; rather than celebrate our strengths. Taking a minute our two each day to celebrate something positive and amazing about yourself can create a generally more Pro-You, Self-loving mindset and is certain to make you a happier person.

Three things that make me thrilled to be me lately!

1. The physical condition I am in lately! I have never considered myself to be a physically strong person. Since January however I have been doing an MMA style bootcamp at least once a week, and I've noticed some big changes.... I even think I have some muscle tone in my upper body now!

 Hiking in Hawaii, Maui in the distant valley, 2012.

2. My role as a teacher (well TA really). This past weekend I responded to nearly 100 (ok maybe a bit of an overestimation) emails from students in the 2nd year Molecular and Cell Biology Class I TA, regarding an assignment I designed to write a paper on my area of expertise (smooth muscle). It was a lot of time and work, but I was pleasantly surprized at how rewarding it was. More and more I find myself convinced that I want to have a role as a teacher at this level one day.

 (Me with tiny, half wild, kitten at my great aunt's farm in Italy, 2012)

3. The fact that furry animals love me. Ok this is maybe an over exaggeration, but the wild rabbit that hangs out near my apartment building doesn't scamper away in fear when he sees me, and he ate the pile of spinach I left him in the snow. The stray cat in my boyfriend's neighbourhood spent the whole day of my birthday celebration hanging out (I guess he knows I want a kitten of my own). On the other hand a friend of ours' dog always pees when he sees me...so maybe I'm too lovable?

What are three things you love about yourself?

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  1. I love my compassion, my role as a small creative business owner, and my reliability. :-)