Monday, May 6, 2013

Mingle Monday: Favourite Outdoor Activity

It's no secret on my blog that I love blogging prompts/ideas/link ups. When I sometimes can't think of a post to write, there's nothing better than the above to get those creative juices flowing!

This week, I'm linking up on Mingle Monday over at the Life of Meg, and the prompt?

'What is your favourite outdoor activity?'

Now this prompt is particularly appropriate right now, because the weather here in Calgary has been gorgeous for the last couple days! Too bad I've been mainly cooped up inside studying for my candidacy exam. But a girl can dream! If I was outside today, here are some things I'd loooove to be doing!

  • Going for a long run, particularly somewhere beautiful. Ok so I may let myself take a break from the books and hit the path by the bow for this one. Plus this time of year, there will definitely be baby animals to see.
  • Doing anything in or around water. In Calgary, that usually means inflating a raft and floating in one of the rivers that run through town. I only got out once last year, but I will definitely hit it more this summer!
  • Hiking my butt to the top of somewhere with an impressive view. Yesterday, while enjoying breakfast on the deck in the sun, we got to talking about some of the hiking people want to do this summer. I just can't wait!

So what is your favourite outdoor activity? I guess I didn't pick just one, so you don't have to either, but come and link up with us over at Life of Meg's Mingle Monday!


  1. Just went for a fantastic hike this morning, which was a great way to start my day today, since I'm about to board a plane! :)

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I've never rafted on a river... but it looks like a lot of fun! And cheers to great weather!

  3. Wow- what amazing scenery you have around you! My favorite is probably floating down the river too. Definitely not running ;)

  4. I'm so jealous that you get to hike. Being from Chicago...that's not really an option. I LOVE to run along the lakefront though to unwind. Love the scenic photos too!! :)

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