Sunday, May 5, 2013

Should we rent a car in Ireland?

This summer, one of my best friends, Jill, and I are heading off to London, England and while we're there, we thought we'd maybe take a quick jaunt over to Ireland. In the past, trips I've taken to Europe have been mostly confined to cities (heck trips I've taken anywhere end up like that). Last summer however, when my family visited my mom's relatives in Calabria, Italy, we rented cars and hit the back mountain roads. While it was the only way to go visit my Nana's old house, it also offered a lot of freedom to the trip.

What a beautiful roadside view, just outside of Amantea.

In comparison, last summer's trip to Hawaii, found us riding publid transit for hours to get from Waikiki to the North Shore, a pitiful distance of about 35 miles. Something I have vowed not to do next time I find myself in the paradise state.

What this is all boiling down to, is I am seriously considering the idea of renting a car in Ireland this summer. A quick look through car rental specials and it looks like I could pick one up for a couple days for about $100 Canadian. However, after reading a page from Rick Steve's Europe (Surviving Driving in Ireland) I'm left with this list of pros and cons.

  • An easy way to see more of the country side
  • Getting to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road
  • Movies like 'Leap Year' (2010) have taught me that if your rental car breaks down in Ireland, you'll inevitably fall meet your soul mate who will be dashingly handsome, as well as having a sexy accent and being secretly wealthy (not that I need a guy, but maybe for my friend!)
  • Road trip adventures are always a good time
  • Avoiding public transit... often the right choice!
  • Cheep price is for driving manual transmission... a feat which I have only attempted twice
  • Ireland: tied with Portugal for most traffic accidents in Western Europe... sounds fun
  • getting horribly lost
  • Some Rick Steves readers provided feedback that they were stressed out the whole time they were driving
So what do you think? Have you any experience with renting a car in Europe? Or have to been to Ireland want to let me know what I absolutely have to do/see when I'm there?


  1. Getting lost in Ireland - how bad could it be? See point 3 under Pros. How about scooters?

  2. I didn't drive in Ireland, I was on a bus tour but it was awesome to explore little towns and villages. My favorite town was Adair, I highly recommend going there. Also, Cliffs of Moher. I think those were my two favorites of the trip.

    Check out my travel page and read my trip recaps.

  3. I rented a car at the Dublin airport and drove all over Ireland. I highly recommend it.
    Driving on the wrong side of the road, shifting with your left hand,
    traffic circles- it was a blast!

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