Saturday, June 8, 2013

Furry Animal Fun Time

Every so often, I hop onto the Calgary Humane Society Page or Kijiji, and browse through all of the adorable puppies and kittens up for adoption. This is a terrible thing for me to do, because of course I can't have one of my own right now. Traveling as often as I do, my overfull erratic school schedule, not to mention my lease doesn't allow it, I have to settle for what I can get. Stopping to pet the puppies at the pet store every time I go by the mall, hoping the neighbourhood wandering cat we affectionately named Gregory shows up at Kevin's more often, and petting other peoples dogs when they take them for walks.

But most importantly, every time home I get to visit my own dog Flurry, as well as my furred cousins. So here's some cuteness overload.... or at least in my opinion it is!

Featuring Flurry the old white bichon, Sadie the new puppy, Mr. Molly the handsome cat and Jovi the lab!

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