Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I recently picked up an at home Popsicle mold thingy from ikea for a measly 2 bucks! I saw it and was overcome with memories of my mom making frozen yogurt pops in a similar one for my brother and I as kids.....I had to have it!
 Naturally, I grabbed the pink one. I got home tho, and since I don't keep juice or flavoured yogurt in my fridge, filled it up with the next best thing. Sugar free poweraide! ahaha I know what you're thinking, not really the next best thing, but trust me, there's nothing better to have in your freezer after a run!

Here are some much more appealing homemade frozen treats than my 'sports pops'!

How about these fresh strawberry grapefruit, vodka pops! that's right, I said vodka! The recipe can be found here at EndlessSimmer.

Or, if like me you're a bit of a wino, how does a blackerry pinot noir pop sound? Recipe from bon apetit.

My recent trip to Cuba has left me craving Mojitos like you would not believe...why not in popsicle form? Recipe from the Tiffin Box.

Ok, maybe every good popsicle doesn't need the extra boozy kick. So why not these berry-mint pops! Recipe from the year in food.

And last, but certainly not least, who doesn't like cookies and cream? I might have to try these out for Kevin's upcoming birthday! Recipe from Just Baked.

What creative popsicles do you have up your sleeve? Have you ever tried making a poptail (as the boozed up ones are called)?

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