Sunday, August 11, 2013

Color Me Rad Calgary

If you've been following my twitter (@Turner_SR) you may know that yesterday I rocked my first ever half marathon in Vancouver (the SeaWheeze). A week before that, however, I took to the hillside at Canada Olympic Park to do the Color Me Rad 5km.

Almost clean pre-race (however got colour bombed by randoms while we were having a pre-race beer!)

I was registered for this race with a team, however, since the race date was changed on acount of the flooding, they all ended up being out of town for the long weekend, and I was running solo.

However not for long! I tweeted out to the world, and Bex (from the Bex Factor) invited me to come run with her and friends! And I'm glad I did (super great people) and she is one pretty impressive gal!

Here we are post race! Turns out I was mostly covered in pink! Actually I found that once the first dry colour covered you in a layer, mostly the other colours didn't sink thru (except for the wet colours of course)

 The whole day was a bit of a party: beer gardens, copious amounts of coloured powder, fun DJs and a little bit of a run in the sun shine. I can't wait to do this race again next year (June 28th)!

And thanks again Bex for having me out to run with you guys!!!

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