Thursday, November 7, 2013

A day in my life #blogember

Oops! retroactive posting...but lets be fair my Thursday was busy!

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A day in my life in and out of my lab coat!

7:00: alarm goes off, snooze and cuddle for an extra hour
8:00: Wake up, drag self out of warm blanket cocoon and into ice cold room to get ready for the day. Occasion dart back into blankets.
9:00:Annual check up, all in good health.
10:00: Wait for 30min to refill inhaler script at campus pharmacy. That's right kids, apparently I have asthma when I run.
11:00: Jugo Juice for breakfast lunch, acai protein smoothie, and the chicken Caesar snacking wrap. Walk on over to Foothills Campus in the lab.
12:00: Experiments on the pressure myograph, vessels 1 fails
1:00: Vessel 2 fails
2:00: Vessel 3 fails
3:00: Vessel 4 fails...clean up. So frustrating to do the kind of science that every so often you have a day when nothing works, for no apparent reason!
4:00: Prep samples for a weekend worth of western blots, requires both shakers and the cold room down the hall.
5:00: Head home from the lab, eat some oatmeal quick fast, drive across SW to tutoring apt.
6:00: Tutoring chemistry for an hour, student 1.
7:00: Drive across the SW to second tutoring apt, stopping at another Jugo Juice for a mighty kale smoothie and classic chicken snacking wrap.
8:00: Tutoring chemistry for an hour student 2.
9:00: Drive home, call mother and boyfriend, snuggle into couch just in time for Grey's.
10:00: Grey's Anatomy is on, do not disturb.
11:00: Get into bed with a book, exhausted, fall asleep before finishing even one chapter.

You can see why I didn't manage to get this post up on Thursday, my days often get a little bit crazy like that!

What's a typical day in your life look like? Let me know in the comments!

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