Monday, November 4, 2013

Freedom #Blogember 4

Last night I was taking time before bed to read through some of the blogs which I follow. I used to do this nearly every day. Lately it seems that I barely find the time to write for my own blog, let alone to read others.

One of those blogs, Running with Ollie, had up a post for a blog everyday in November commitment (ie #Blogember) and I thought this seems great. Especially since I had clearly missed the more commonly partaken Blogtober.

Blogember is being hosted by A Happy Girl, someone who's blog I only came across for the first time yesterday, but in taking the time to read some of her posts and story's I can only imagine is the kind of incredible woman I aspire to be more like. I highly recommend you check out not only Blogember on her blog, but also her story as well!

And clearly I've already missed the first 3 days.... I promise to go back to them later! But for now here's #Blogember 4th.

Write for Five Minutes on the Prompt: Freedom

I am blessed with freedoms. Born in raised in Canada, to a family who gave me every love and privilege I could ever have wanted, with good health, good genes, smart enough to pursue any career I could imagine. Countless young women, both local and abroad, struggle for these kinds of freedoms every day. I am blessed with freedoms.

However, sometimes, we take our freedoms for granted, and we limit ourselves unnecessarily. I must admit, I don't always live up to my freedom.

I often allow self doubt to restrict me.

I often allow free of failing to restrict me.

I often allow other people's expectations to restrict me.

I often allow societal norms to restrict me.

I often allow my compulsive need to never put myself first to restrict me.

In doing so, I limit my freedom, I restrict myself.

Its a very scary thing to be completely free to pursue what ever life you might want to have. When faced with endless possibility, we often freeze like a deer in the headlights, wishing for the comforts of having other people make our choices for us.

It takes courage to be free. Whether you are fighting to gain basic freedoms. Or whether you are blessed with them already and just need to let yourself take advantage of them.

I need to strive to be more courageous, to allow myself to be completely free.

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