Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My 5 favourite apps on my new BlackBerry Q10 #blogember

If you follow me on Twitter (@Turner_SR) you might know two things about me (well hopefully more than just 2) but 1) I'm a BlackBerry girl and 2) I traded up my Torch for the Q10 last month.

And I couldn't be happier with the choice. For 1, I am a buttons girl, I when I am answering emails all day long on my phone while I run around the lab, I don't want to have to mess with a touch screen (which isn't particularly glove friendly). For 2, I had my Torch for the full 3 years of my contract, never had a case on it, dropped it about a million times and never had any issue with it, no cracked screens, no broken charging jack, nothing. BlackBerry's are indestructible, no need for a 60 dollar otter box here. And for 3, after my mail in $50 rebate, I paid only $29 dollars for my brand new phone. I just can't wrap my mind around the idea of signing up for a contract to get your phone, and still having to spend nearly $300 (iphones I'm looking at you). Plus even my iphone toting boyfriend admits, the Q10 is one slick phone.

Today's post for Blogember is to tell your 5 favourite apps, and for everyone who thinks Blackberry isn't app friendly, well here goes:

1. Twitter for BlackBerry10: Does everything twitter does online, plus pushes notifications through to my Hub. I don't know what else to say, it's Twitter, I check it about a dozen times a day, and it works smooth and fast and leaves nothing to be desired.

2. Toshl Finance: A great spending and budget tracking app. I wrote a post on this one not too long ago Here. With the ability to tag your spending so you can track where your money is going, I'd highly recommend it as we go into the holiday (read spend all your money and max out your credit cards) season. Available on all operating systems and online.

3.Instagram: But wait...this doesn't exist for BlackBerry...or does it, I've got an older side loaded version that works mostly great! Still love it tho!

4. RBC for BlackBerry10: It can't be all fun and games, and this app lets me do pretty much all of my banking without ever having to get out of bed. To take a line from TD, banking really can be that comfortable.

5. Keep Calm...and Chive on, the Chive is a great way to waste time looking at hilarious pictures (or girls making questionable life choices, I just avoid those threads).

Anyways those are probably the 5 apps I use the most on my phone right now. What are you favourite apps?

This has been a post for Blogember, hosted by A Happy Girl, to see the rest of the month, click on the image below and join in!

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