Tuesday, February 4, 2014

-20 in Toronto means Polar Vortex, -20 in Calgary means February

This adorable little alien guy has been floating around the interweb for the past few days (source).

And I must say, he captures my feelings quite nicely. Oh except that this morning I expressed my feelings with excessive cursing, as my car struggled to start, and my rear view mirror, dashboard and steering wheel frosted up, in my car, while I was driving.

How is it that the temperature in Toronto drops to -20 (in January) and it's a polar vortex, while here it will hit -28 tonight (that's without wind chill people) and it's just February. Ok I get it I live in Calgary, the groundhog saw his shadow this weekend, so what else can I expect? Also I suppose we were kind of spoiled by Chinook weather which lasted most of January.

But none of those things made me any warmer this morning.

In other, less freezing cold news.

I took a wine and beer making course last week at the Home Vintner, and Kevin and I are set up to start our first wine on Saturday (I'm seriously excited about this, it's like science and wine, happily married at last). Needless to say, I will make a point to share my first wine making experience on the blog. This will go a long way upping my Italian-badassery, as not only can I cook just like Nana (well nearly) but now I'll be following in my grandpa's footsteps with the home wine making!

Two awesome certificates in one day! Science and wine, heck yes!

Melissa and I went to the free line dancing class at Ranchman's on Thursday night. And honestly it was a huge bust! How it should have gone: hot cowboys teach us how to do the dances, to the songs they play during line dancing on the weekend, failing that just went to clap, shuffle and change directions. How it went: middle aged guy in jazz shoes taught us cruise ship varieties of the dances, to really lame too slow songs from his ipod, while hot cowboys jumped in at the end to show us how we were doing it wrong. Sad thing is? I suspect Ranchman's is paying this guy. If you really want to learn... I say just show up, and have 4 or 5 drinks.

Which brings me to Friday.

Neon Med student party in Banff + Pink Wig + 4 or 5 or who really remembers how many drinks = a great time, and a sleepy Saturday.

Oh and to follow up on my last post, SeaWheeze registration re-opened (and subsequently sold out) yesterday, and Krista and I both managed to get in! So Vancouver in August, here I come!

What have you been up to this past week? How have you been surviving your own personal polar vortex?


  1. I lived in Calgary for a total of 4 months...you are right...the cold does hurt your face :(

    Great post, Ranchmans from what I remember was always interesting when I went! lots of cowboy hats...lots of jeans haha


  2. Great to have another winemaker! But I didn't know you could do courses in it. I just follow the instructions in the kits. Oh, and google Valentines in Red Deer. Best place in Alberta to get wine kits. Buy one good kit, and you've more than paid for the gas to get there. Buy two, and you you've pretty well save enough to buy a third. It's the only place I buy wine kits.

  3. Oooh if you come to Red Deer for wine making supplies you have to call me to get together!! Good luck in your wine making venture. Liam's dad made a batch of mead once which I think is a similar process.

  4. I totally empathize with the cold weather you have been having! We live in Southern Ontario and it has been - 20 most mornings now for a few weeks (plus windchill!) and we are not used to these temperatures! Add the knee deep snow...I am so done with winter! When the hair inside your nose freezes...it is TOO cold! Stay warm :) Rhondda #SITSblogging

  5. I love your wine and beer certifications!! (And the pink hair) :)

  6. I hadn't seen the little guy with the "air hurts my face" quote - but can SO relate, having grown up in MN. The memories never left me even after I moved to Hawaii - when I'd come out of a store I'd flinch a little expecting I'd have to brace myself against the elements - which in HI was nothing - always about 75 and sunny. I'd laugh at my bodily reaction every time, it was so deeply ingrained! That's totally fun that you have beer and wine certifications, btw! Happy to find your blog via #SITSBlogging :-)