Monday, March 24, 2014

20Something Blogging Prompt: Books Vs Kindle

This week's 20 Something Blogging Prompt raises the question: Books vs Kindle/Ipad/eReader whatever you use (personally I've got kobo going on my BlackBerry PlayBook).

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you'll know that my bookshelf features prominently. In fact way back when I did a post asking the question, "How many books is too many?" featuring three mostly full bookshelves in my living room. Since then a fourth has been added and is quickly filling as well.

Clearly for me there is no debate. Physical books are the way to go. Nothing quite compares with the coziness of curling up with a good book. Old book smell (which some of my very own purchased books are beginning to acquire) is amazing. And I certainly wouldn't read from a tablet in the bathtub (as many of my corner dipped books can attest to just how bad an idea that would be!)

But wait, I said in the introduction that I have and do read using Kobo on my BlackBerry tablet. What gives!

Here are 3 times when the tablet, digital book method trumps paperbacks.

  1. Traveling light: this summer I headed cross the Atlantic with only a purse and a backpack. I read four books on that trip. The only way I could do that (and still have room for clothes in my bag) is with my ereader. On the other hand, I brought and read 6 physical books when I was in Cuba for a week on a there is a time and a place.
  2. The book is only available in hardcover right now: I have occasionally purchased and digitally read a book because I didn't want to wait the year or so for the paperback, and I certainly didn't want to pay the $30 plus for the hard cover edition.
  3. You've just finished book 2 of 3 and need to start the final book right away, that driving to Chapters would take way too long so you just download it. Lazy Sunday afternoon and not having the patience to wait for the anticipated conclusion to a trilogy or series has on occasion led to spontaneous digital purchases.
Those remain however the only time's I've done the eReading thing. I must confess, I find it awkward to hold the readers, hard on my eyes and I hate when the batteries run down and you find your reading tethered to an outlet. I'm afraid that I will always be a book buyer. Like many a young brunette, Disney watching girl, I've dreamed my whole life of the library the Beast gifts Belle.... however unlike some prince charming dependent Disney princess, I'm gifting it to myself!

So how about you, books or eReaders? and why, or when?


  1. books all the way! I'm not a collector by any means, I usually give my books away, but I prefer to hold a real book to read. I stare at a screen all day at work, and then most of the evening doing blog stuff and writing, I don't want to look at another screen to read for pleasure! When technology fails, books will still be there.

  2. I love books! I love checking out people's bookcases when I visit their homes, and I strategically arrange mine. I do agree that e-readers come in handy in certain circumstances though, especially traveling. My carry-on has gotten much lighter since I stopped cramming 3-4 books in there. However, whatever I end up reading on my iPad I end up buying down the road -- especially if it's part of a series. I can't have the first two on my bookshelf and a digital version of the third. I just can't.