Monday, May 19, 2014

My new computer chair

Since I moved into my apartment (some 2 and a half years ago) I'd been using one of my dining table chairs as a computer chair in my room. Carrying it to and from every time I had people over. Eventually, I claimed, I would pick up a chair intended for my desk.

Turns out I'd rather upcycle one.

I picked up this old school looking chair in the free stuff area in the lobby of my building about 8 months back, with the intention of painting it and recovering it.

Originally the intent was to wait until summer so I could sand and paint the chair outside. Instead I opted for a drop cloth in my living room and a glass of wine.

Step 1: Pull of the seat, and toss the old fabric and foam (which was crumbling to the touch).

 Step 2: Elbow grease and sand paper. Make sure you have some good tunes playing.

Step 3: wash and dry, all that sanding grit needs to some off before the paint can go on.

Step 4: Paint, pictured above is the chair after 1 coat. Looks pretty thin and uneven. I opted to do 3 full coats, drying the chair for a couple hours in between (if you don't live in super dry Alberta, you might want to wait overnight in between coats.)

Step 5: Recover the seat. Essentially the seats on these chairs are just a board, some foam and a piece of fabric. The foam and the fabric (a half yard is more than enough) came from Fabricland. I spray glued the foam in place, the stretched the fabric on and stapled it in place underneath (no sewing required).

Over all the project was pretty easy, and cost me about $30 for painting supplies, the foam and the fabric. And left me wishing two things:

1) that I had grabbed the second chair like this as well
2) that I had more things in my apartment which I could paint green

Have you done any interesting DIYs or UpCycles lately? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Man, I am always inspired when I see cool upcycle projects like this! I love the pattern/color combo of the chair. But if I'd seen that chair I am sure I would have just passed it by... =\